ContenT for B2B SaaS Businesses

Find new customers over and over with content

Enough with the guessing games. Greenhouse's leaner-than-lean approach to content drives high quality, high intent leads.

These are the businesses I've helped grow. Click 'em to see how.

Get your content right first time

Let's face it, most businesses' early content efforts are too unfocused to make a dent. I'll save you months of figuring out what's going to work by producing a lean content strategy. Then I'll launch the campaigns that are going to make the biggest difference to your business.

Who is Greenhouse for?

I do my best work with B2B SaaS businesses like yours.

You've not really tried content yet

Or maybe you've had a few false starts? Knowing where to start is the hardest part. My approach makes it simple, but it took me ages to figure out!

You depend on ads too much

Been bingeing on ads? Better keep that cholesterol down with the lower cost per customer that content brings to your business.

You need access to content talent

I work with a team of freelance copywriters, designers, web devs, video producers, translators to make content magic.

Growth-focused content packages

This is what it takes to get content right. Pricing included because greenhouses are always transparent.



I'll work out what your audience really want from content, and how to go one better than the competition

  • 1-hour strategy calI

  • Competitor research

  • 5 customer calls

  • Insights report



I'll figure out which messages you should share with your audience to make them care about you

  • Key messages doc

  • Content pillars

  • Channel strategy

  • Sales training call


$2,450 /month

I'll launch the content campaigns that'll have the biggest impact on your business - in prioirty order.

  • e.g. Search, social, email, landing page, custom tools

  • Biweekly sprints

  • Reporting

My look how they've grown!

My clients have some nice things to say about me.

Led a team of freelancers to build content for search and social that grew organic leads 300% within nine months - all without an internal marketing team!

Delivered a content strategy and new site with hyper-focused messaging that made Nest the category leader, doubling revenue and growing pipeline 5X in a year.

Built a content calendar tool that attracted 500+ ContentCal trials via search by hitting the top spot for 'Content Calendar' on Google. An important term for ContentCal!

Built new messaging, site, and content-focused journeys to grow leads. It's all just launched! Looking forward to sharing the results here soon...

Nice to meet you

I'm Alan, a content + growth marketer living in London. I've spent the past five years figuring out what makes companies grow (and what's a no-go). That's me on the left. My photo decreases conversion 3% so I've included my daughter Bonnie who lifts it 5%.


What is Greenhouse?

Greenhouse is a service I put together to help businesses get content right first time. I started it because I see so many businesses misstep early on and give up on content far too soon.

What campaigns do you run?

My high-impact campaigns aim to capture intent in places where your audience already hang out. Often that means search, social, email, or your existing site.

When will I see results?

That depends on what campaign we choose to run. Conversion changes have an immediate impact, while search can take up to six months to kick in.

What happens afterwards?

By the end of our first campaign I'll have a good idea of your business's potential to grow with content - and so will you. If there's a good fit, I'd love to keep working with you.

Do you use a content team?

If needed, I'll bring together a team of content folk to help. They bill on top of what I charge, but I won't take a cut and you'll be able to work with them directly afterwards.

Is this strategy or execution?

It's both. The audience and message packages tell us what content campaign (e.g. search, social, custom tool) is going to work best for your business. Then we'll launch it right away.

Do I need all the packages?

Not necessarily. You might have already done some great work on audience and message. If I get what I need from it I'd be more than happy to piggyback off your hard work.

How do I get started?

Drop me your details and I'll ask a few questions that help me understand what you're after. Then I'll let you know what I've got planned and send payment details.

Ready to grow with content?

Drop me your details and I'll be in touch soon. Or book 20 mins in my calendar here.

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